A re-energised local currency

Convert the Lewes Pound to a 'freigeld' type of currency, with help of experts.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Dom Ramos
Lewes District
How can we help people in Lewes District save money or spend less?

The 'Challenge Question' wrongly assumes that the way out of the hardships we face is through thrift and charitable food banks. We need more real value passed from hand to hand and not squirelled away in bank accounts where it helps no one.

Freigeld - as intended by Silvio Gesell, attacks this problem head on- it is a different kind of money that is extinguished in value if not spent over a certain period. It can only be spent locally thus jump-starting the local economy.

The other ideas patch up the problem more or less: this one destroys the problem. It works very successfully as the Chiemgauer currency in Bavaria, for example. It goes beyond rescuing an impoverished society-it can lift them entirely out of it.

I would strongly suggest the help of Lord Skidelsky- a resident of Seaford and a world-class expert on economics, and with a certain interest in these kinds of question.