How to feed a family of 4 nutritious food on £50 a week

A healthy diet needn't cost a lot when u know how to buy, prepare & preserve it.

9 Submitted by Sunny Soleil
Lewes District
How can we help people in Lewes District save money or spend less?

Good food is medicine that keeps us healthy, reduces work downtime, sick kids and promotes weight loss. Most food bought is processed and packaged and has little or no nutritional value. I can take one family's shopping budget and teach them how to prepare & preserve food 4 less than current budget.

  1. Teach people what food does to their bodies and the difference between nutritional, medicinal food and that which helps dis-ease to flourish. 2 Shopping – Store cupboard food, fresh food and bargain hunting. 3 Preparation. A freezer stocked with fresh vegetable soup is far more potent than one full of frozen veggies . A selection of herbs and spices will add flavour and healthy benefits 4 Xtra Nutrition techniques LACTO FERMENTING preserving veggies like carrots, turnips beets in salt = probiotic goodness. Easy peasy SPROUTING A tbsp of broccoli sprouts has 50 x the nutrition of a plateful of cooked broccoli. SEASONAL EATING