Local money that works

Save UK£ money by making the Lewes£ scheme work

No_avatar_small Submitted by James Greyson
Lewes District
How can we help people in Lewes District save money or spend less?

Local currencies are great but to really work the money must be created locally not just exchanged for UK£. The best way to do this is for future Lewes£ to be spent into circulation on activities agreed by the Lewes District community and administration. This new system would be accepted by UK government for 3 reasons: 1. The Lewes£ professional/goods spending would add to GDP and taxable income. 2. The scheme could be replicated elsewhere and end austerity/hardship without adding to UK debt or taxes. 3. It will enliven community cohesiveness, in particular by valuing skills of those feeling marginalised by the convenional economy.