Help Residents Set Up Their Own Local Transport

Drive down transport costs by connecting residents and their travel needs.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Phoebe Morris-Jones
Lewes District
How can we help people in Lewes District save money or spend less?

Being on a low income restricts transport options, and these restrictions have an opportunity cost. There are options for community travel but these are often require membership of a specific group, for example retirees. There is currently no method of accurately determining the demand for alternative public transport options, and there is therefore no method of driving down cost through competition. It is suggested a website could be established to allow local residents to propose new travel routes. Local transport providers can then bid on these proposed routes whilst protecting themselves from losses by setting a minimum number of passengers for the offer to be successful. All types of transport providers can bid on routes providing that they propose a cost-per-passenger. Residents of a single street could propose regular routes to supermarkets, schools, employers or social events, but all routes would be open to all passengers.