How can we help the people of Eastbourne save money or spend less?

The Lab Lewes and Eastbourne


This challenge is part of The Lab Lewes and Eastbourne, a partnership between Lewes District Council, Eastbourne Council and FutureGov. The aim of the project is to develop and test new, innovative approaches of supporting people in the district who are feeling the squeeze financially, whether this is down to recent changes to the benefits payments, the rising cost of living, or just plain old bad luck.

But now we want to hear your ideas. As the people of Eastbourne you know better than anyone where people are feeling the squeeze, and can spot opportunities to collaborate and save, think up new ways to make money or just help each other out.

The top ideas will be selected to be worked on at a hack day on the 25th of January. As an idea owner, you will get a team of people to help you bring your idea to life. They might be a local resident challenging the idea because they understand what it is like to live in the area, or a person who works in the field and can share expertise. They might be have a skill to share, such as designing or coding that can help you and your team make these ideas happen. Or they might just be interested and want to muck in!

The event is free and lunch will be provided.

On the day you will have a lot of fun working together in teams to develop the ideas further, challenging each other and testing assumptions. The day will end with with a presentation that demonstrates to the judging panel how the project solves the problem set, why it is different, what impact it could make and how it will be sustainable.