How we can spend less on energy by being wiser about our energy use

If energy is used more efficiently and cleverly, less money is spent on energy.

Retro-me Submitted by Andrew Durling
How can we help the people of Eastbourne save money or spend less?

Advice on energy saving/energy efficiency needs to be delivered to Eastbourne residents in a clear, concise, accessible way that empowers them to cut through the complexity/diversity of the services/products of the energy sector and make best use of existing support schemes and newly emerging technologies, especially renewable energies. The ability to access community energy schemes and local communal energy purchasing groups is vital. A one-stop drop-in advice shop/cafe (with its own website) staffed by volunteer community energy champions with dedicated links to local government/charity energy support schemes and staff would help drive down spending on energy, reduce fuel poverty, and enable Eastbourne to progress rapidly towards becoming a low carbon town. The volunteers would be an unbiased, credible source of advice, would understand local conditions, and would have the time to give face-to-face advice and support. The energy advice shop/cafe could be a permanent shop in Eastbourne town centre, a 'pop-up' shop moving location over time, or a travelling roadshow moving around town regularly and also able to go into schools/community centres, and attend local festivals.