Jim Murray - cut your energy costs

A visual tool to show which appliances are costing the most to run in your house

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How can we help the people of Eastbourne save money or spend less?

It is a spread sheet showing how much energy is used by each item in the house, you can get all the information you need off your utility bill and either off the said item or from data sheets on the internet about their energy consumption in KW hours. You then do a clever spreadsheet with some pre set sums, so that all people have to do is input their information and can then see how much each item is costing them to run. Offer them some easy solution to cutting costs, turn off machines on standby, turn off lights not in use, Use the washing machine 1 less time a week, etc. etc. Obviously it needs a little work and to be made user friendly but it is such a good visual tool to get people to see where they are wasting money.

Item: Kettle, Energy Usage: 0.15Kw, Cost per unit used: 14.01pence, Cost every time I use item: 2 pence, How many times I do this a day: 7, Cost per year: £51.10

  • Suzy Rhodes
    19 Dec at 15:30

    We have given out engery saving devices that monitor your usage and show how it goes up and down if you turn things on or off. We did get these free from energy suppliers but I am not sure if they do this for free anymore but they were an easy way to see how you can cut down on energy usage